“How Beautiful Upon the Mountains”

Old Testament Lesson 39 (Isaiah 50–53) Zion's Future Redemption ● The Metaphor of Divorce (Isaiah 50:1) — The Lord points out that he has not "divorced" Israel nor sold her — Under Mosaic law a man who divorced his wife was required to give her a written bill of divorce. She was then free to [...]

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“Beside Me There Is No Saviour”

Old Testament Lesson 38 (Isaiah 40–49) The information in these chapters of Isaiah is so expansive, and covers so many topics, that it is impossible to provide an article of normal length to cover them. Thus, this week’s article is nearly twice as large as usual. Teachers should carefully select those things that the Spirit [...]

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“The Glory of Zion Will Be a Defense”

Old Testament Lesson 36 (Isaiah 1–6) MISSION OF THE PROPHET ISAIAH Isaiah’s Vision of the Lord ● Isaiah 6:1–4   Isaiah’s glorious vision of the Lord in the Holy of Holies of the Jerusalem temple. To understand this scripture we must understand the metaphors and figures of speech that Isaiah used to describe it: — "In [...]

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