“The Lord Be Between Me and Thee Forever”

Old Testament Lesson 23 (1 Samuel 18–20; 23–24) DAVID VS. SAUL David and Jonathan David quickly became a hero after he killed Goliath. King Saul and the entire kingdom honored him. However, none was as true to David as was Jonathan, Saul's son. ● David and Jonathan made a covenant of friendship (1 Samuel 18: [...]

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“The Lord Looketh Upon the Heart”

Old Testament Lesson 22 (1 Samuel 9 -11; 13; 15-17) SAUL IS ANOINTED KING ● Samuel was called a seer (1 Samuel 9:9–27). This might suggest that he had access to the Urim and Thummim as the presiding prophet in Israel. ● Saul was appointed Israel’s first king (1 Samuel 9:1–17). ● Saul was "a [...]

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“God Will Honor Those Who Honor Him”

Old Testament Lesson 21 (1 Samuel 2–3; 8) THE HIGH PRIEST ELI AND HIS SONS ● Eli’s sons—Hophni and Phineas—were extremely wicked priests (1 Samuel 2:13–35). ● When Israelites came to offer sacrifices at the tabernacle, they forcibly took the flesh of the sacrificial animals before the fat portions had been burned on the altar. [...]

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“Thou Art a Virtuous Woman”

Old Testament Lesson 20 (Ruth; 1 Samuel 1) INTRODUCTION The Book of Ruth and the first chapter of 1 Samuel tell of two courageous women—Ruth and Hannah—who lived during the time period of the Judges. Unlike apostate Israel, whose unrighteous ways are discussed in the Book of Judges, these two women lived lives of virtue [...]

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