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“Remember This Day In Which Ye Came Out of Egypt’”

Old Testament Lesson 14 (Exodus 7–13) March 27–April 2 INTRODUCTION Exodus 7:2–3, 7, 13   Moses was appointed to give the word of the Lord to Pharaoh, with Aaron as his spokesperson. Moses was 80 years old at this time, and Aaron was 83. Exodus 7:3–5   The Lord predicted that Pharaoh would harden his heart, resulting [...]

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“I Have Remembered My Covenant”

Old Testament Lesson 13 (Exodus 1–6) March 20–26 INTRODUCTION Israel in Egypt ● Genesis 50:22–26  Israel became a great nation. While the children of Israel stayed and were protected in Egypt for a time, a small family of 70 grew into a mighty nation. ● Exodus 1:1–7  "The children of Israel were fruitful, and increased [...]

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“God Meant It Unto Good”

Old Testament Lesson 12 (Genesis 42–50) March 13–19 THE DAY OF RECKONING FOR JOSEPH'S BROTHERS His Brothers Come to Egypt ● Genesis 42:1–4   Joseph’s brothers also came to Egypt seeking grain. ● Genesis 42:5–13   They bowed to him in fulfillment of prophecy. — Genesis 37:5–11  When Joseph was young, he dreamed that his [...]

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“Surely the Lord Is in this Place”

Old Testament Lesson 10 (Genesis 28–33) February 27–March 5 INTRODUCTION Jacob’s Great Vision at Bethel ● Genesis 28   Jacob went to Padan-aram to marry one of Laban’s daughters. Review Jacob’s travels on LDS Bible maps 1,2,5, and 9. ● Genesis 28:10–22; JST Genesis 28:22   Jacob’s blessings were confirmed in a great vision at [...]

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