“Ye Must Be Born Again”

New Testament Lesson 07 (John 2–4) For the week of February 11–17 THE SAVIOR’S FIRST MIRACLE Turning Water Into Wine (John 2:1–11) ● Jesus was at the marriage in Cana—apparently within His mother’s household (John 2:1–5; footnote 4a). ● According to the JST, Jesus willingly responded to His mother’s request for help by saying, “Woman, [...]

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“The Spirit of the Lord Is Upon Me”

New Testament Lesson 06 (Luke 4–6; Matthew 10) JESUS SELECTS TWELVE APOSTLES Jesus First Invited Disciples to Follow Him ● Jesus called Peter, James, and John to be his disciples (Luke 5:1–11; Matt. 4:18–22). ● Peter, James, and John “forsook all” and followed the Master, even prior to their call to the Twelve (Mark 1:16–20). [...]

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“Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord”

New Testament Lesson 05 (Matthew 3; Mark 3; Luke 3) For the week of January 28–February 3 JOHN THE BAPTIST’S MINISTRY John’s Message ● John the Baptist’s mission was to prepare the way of the Lord (Luke 3:3–4; Luke 1:76–79). ● John the Baptist’s message was simple and basic and to-the-point: (Matthew 3:1–3; Luke 3:7–14). [...]

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“We Have Found the Messiah”

New Testament Lesson 04 (John 1) For the week of January 21–27 JOHN’S WITNESS OF CHRIST’S DIVINITY The Symbolic Language of the Apostle John ● John was the Beloved Apostle who emphasized the divine Sonship of Christ. He was a member of the First Presidency and eventually became a translated being. ● John’s Gospel was [...]

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