“Who Hath Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear”

New Testament Lesson 12 (Matthew 13; Luke 8; 13) For the week of March 18–24 UNDERSTANDING PARABLES Why Jesus Used Parables ● The three-year ministry of Jesus was now at about its halfway mark. He had spent this time principally in his own land, Galilee. Rejection started slowly, but was now growing, despite his mighty [...]

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“These Twelve Jesus Sent Forth”

New Testament Lesson 11 (Matthew 8–9; Mark 2–5) For the week of March 11–17 JESUS SELECTS TWELVE APOSTLES Jesus First Invited Disciples to Follow Him ● Jesus called Peter, James, and John to be his disciples (Luke 5:1–11; Matt. 4:18–22). ● Peter, James, and John “forsook all” and followed the Master, even prior to their [...]

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“Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole”

New Testament Lesson 10 (Matthew 8–9; Mark 2–5) For the week of March 4–10 INTRODUCTION As Jesus traveled throughout Galilee he performed many miracles (Matthew 4:23–25). They are too numerous to discuss in a single lesson such as this one. Some have been covered previously and some will be covered as part of future lessons. [...]

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“He Taught Them as One Having Authority”

New Testament Lesson 09 (Matthew 6-7) For the week of February 25–March 3 EXPANDING ON BASIC PRINCIPLES Having delivered the basic principles of Gospel living in the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus then expounded on those principles with examples and exhortations. Those further instructions are the subject of this week’s lesson. Seeking [...]

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