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“If the Lord Be God, Follow Him”

Old Testament Lesson 27 (1 Kings 17–19) June 27–Oct 3 THE PROPHET ELIJAH ●   1 Kings 17:1   The prophet appeared on the scene as he cursed King Ahab’s wicked people. — “Elijah” means “My God is Jehovah.” — He was a Tishbite—not a local person. — Some scholars say that Elijah came from Tishbeh, in [...]

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“Thy Kingdom Shall Be Established Forever”

Old Testament Lesson 26 (2 Samuel 5-7; 11-12; 1 Kings 3; 8; 11) June 20–26 THE FALL OF KING DAVID David and Bathsheba ●  2 Samuel 11:1–5   David committed adultery with Bathsheba. — David was walking on his roof (v. 2). Many homes in Palestine have flat roofs. People often walk or sit on their [...]

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“My Heart Rejoiceth in the Lord”

Old Testament Lesson 24 (Ruth; 1 Samuel 1–3) June 6–12 INTRODUCTION The Book of Ruth and the first chapter of 1 Samuel tell of two courageous women—Ruth and Hannah—who lived during the time period of the Judges. Unlike apostate Israel, whose unrighteous ways are discussed in the Book of Judges, these two women lived lives [...]

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“The Lord Raised Up A Deliverer”

Old Testament Lesson 23 (Judges 2; 4; 6-8, 13–16) May 30–June 5 WHY JUDGES RULED ISRAEL ●   Judges 1:1–26   Israel continued its conquest of Canaan. — Mutilating captives was a common practice among heathen (vv. 1–7). — It was a culture based on material wealth. — The Canaanites had extraordinarily immoral religious practices. ● When [...]

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