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“Have Ye Received This Mighty Change In Your Hearts? ”

Book of Mormon Lesson 23 (Alma 5–7) May 29–June 4 ALMA THE PRESIDING HIGH PRIEST Alma 5 is the second-longest chapter in the entire Book of Mormon, and contains an important “conference address” by the head of the Church—Alma the Younger. Alma had been consecrated . . . a high priest over the Church of [...]

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“They Were Steadfast and Immovable”

Book of Mormon Lesson 22 (Mosiah 29; Alma 1–4) May 22–28 In about 92–91 BC, Mosiah desired to confer the kingdom upon one of his sons, but they all refused to reign in his stead, preferring to devote their lives to missionary work (Mosiah 29:1–6). When all of King Mosiah’s sons refused to succeed him [...]

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“They Were Called the People of God”

Book of Mormon Lesson 21 (Mosiah 25–28) May 15–21 THE CHURCH OF GOD IN ZARAHEMLA Alma Establishes the Church Mosiah assembled the people in Zarahemla and read the records of Limhi’s people and Alma’s people to them. They were thankful for God’s blessings to those who had recently returned, but sorrowful for their accounts of [...]

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“We Have Entered Into a Covenant With Him”

Book of Mormon Lesson 20 (Mosiah 18–24) May 8–14 ALMA AND HIS CONVERTS ESCAPE Baptizing at the Waters of Mormon ● Alma, one of King Noah’s priests, believed the teachings of Abinadi. He fled from Noah’s servants and hid in the wilderness, where he wrote “all the words which Abinadi had spoken” (Mosiah 17:2–4). ● [...]

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“A Light . . . That Can Never Be Darkened”

Book of Mormon Lesson 19 (Mosiah 11–17) May 1-7 ABINADI’S SECOND MISSION ● Abinadi returned 2 after his first visit to King Noah and his people to cry repentance one more time. He was thrown into prison, then brought before Noah and his priests (Mosiah 12:1–8). Verses 2–7 foreshadow what was to eventually happen to [...]

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