“Plant This Word In Your Hearts”

Book of Mormon Lesson 28 (Alma 32–35) NOURISHING THE WORD WITH FAITH How to Exercise Faith The poor among whom Alma had been teaching were humbled through their afflictions (Alma 32:1–7). Alma taught them that this was a blessing because humility prepares our hearts and minds to hear and believe the truth (Alma 32:8–16, 24–25). [...]

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“The Virtue of the Word of God”

Book of Mormon Lesson 27 (Alma 30–31). The Purpose and Effects of Adversity Adversity can have a strengthening effect upon people, but it can also turn some people away from their faith. The focus of this lesson is on two groups of people who experienced the same misery and misfortune as other Nephites, but whose [...]

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“They Never Did Fall Away”

Book of Mormon Lesson 26 (Alma 23–29) Including information on Book of Mormon Geography June 29–July 5 THE ORIGINS OF ANCIENT AMERICANS Chapter 22 of Alma contains many geographical references that have been wrested for more than a century by people who are sure they know the answers concerning Book of Mormon geography. And these [...]

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“I Will Make An Instrument of Thee”

Book of Mormon Lesson 25 (Alma 17–22) June 22–28 After the sons of Mosiah were converted, they felt a great desire to share the gospel with others. Once among the vilest of sinners, and having been brought back from the precipice of hell, it was unbearable for them to think of any soul tumbling over [...]

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“Enter Into the Rest of the Lord”

Book of Mormon Lesson 24 (Alma 13–16) June 15–21 ALMA’S TEACHINGS ON THE PRIESTHOOD Foreordination and the Priesthood Alma taught that men are ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood because of their faith and good works in the premortal life (Alma 13:1–5, 10). When he “cite[d] your minds forward to the time when the Lord God [...]

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