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Church HIstory Lesson 23, Handout Packet

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Church HIstory Lesson 23, Handout Packet: Opposition; The Expositor; Carthage Martyrs (1844D&C 135).


This Handout Packet is a collection of additional handouts that can accompany each lesson plan. The packets are extensive; each one has about 60 pages of handouts.

They provide additional information, quotes, articles, maps, and other material that is not generally included in the lesson plan.

Supporting Content

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Additional related Audio Lectures are provided as well.



This product acts as a Teaching Aid for the following lesson

Lesson Date: 06/04/2023    |    Lesson: 23    |    Week:
Church History Lesson 23 (D&C 89; 49; 59; 88) May 29-June 4 The Historical Setting It is hard to imagine an elders’ meeting today in a smoke-filled room, but such meetings were commonplace in the Church before February 1833. President Brigham Young said: “The first school of the prophets was held in a small room […] Read Lesson | View Schedule

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