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Book of Mormon Lesson 08, Audio Lecture

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Book of Mormon Lesson 08, Audio – Lecture Recording: Jacob and the Allegory of Zenos (Jacob 1-7). Recorded lecture delivered on 2012-02-29

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The audio file is a recording of a lecture delivered by Dr. Randal Chase to his CES class, using the Lesson Plan and PowerPoint presentation associated with the given lesson.

The Audio Lecture’s associated lesson handouts provide even greater detail, with additional quotes, photos, maps, and charts.

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Additional related Audio Lectures are provided as well.



This product acts as a Teaching Aid for the following lesson

Lesson Date: 02/19/2023    |    Lesson: 8    |    Week:
Book of Mormon Lesson 08 (2 Nephi 11–25) February 13–19 NEPHI TEACHES FROM ISAIAH (2 Nephi 11–16; Isaiah 2–6) Nephi introduced further teachings from Isaiah for three major reasons: (2 Nephi 11:1–8). — Nephi delighted in the words of Isaiah (v. 2). — Nephi said we “may lift up [our] hearts and rejoice” because of […] Read Lesson | View Schedule

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