• It covers the life of Christ from his premortal selection as the Lamb of God through His birth and childhood. Then we follow the Master during the first year of His ministry as He is tempted, baptized, performs miracles, selects Twelve Apostles, and then teaches with parables and in the Sermon on the Mount. During the second year of His ministry, He teaches the Bread of Life sermon, is transfigured, and bestows priesthood keys to the Twelve. He finishes the second year of His ministry at Jerusalem, where He declares Himself to be the Light of the World, the Son of God, and the Messiah.

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  • A touching and essential telling of the familiar Christmas story. Focusing on the personal lives of John the Baptist, Joseph, Mary, the prophet Nephi in America, and the Baby Jesus, it reminds us of the extraordinary faith and sacrifices of these key characters in the Nativity narrative.

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  • Book of Mormon Study Guide, Pt. 3: Helaman to Moroni

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    This includes the period of great wickedness just prior to the coming of Christ. We read of the missions of Nephi and Lehi, followed by Samuel the Lamanite. The signs of Christ’s birth and death are given, followed by their fulfillment. Great destruction occurs on the American continent, and only the righteous survive in the Land of Bountiful. Christ appears to the Nephites, teaches and heals them, organizes His Church and ordains 12 disciples to lead them.

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  • New Testament Lesson 02, Handout Packet: The Birth and Youth of Christ (Mt 1-2; Lk 1-2).

  • New Testament Lesson 02, PowerPoint: The Birth and Youth of Christ (Mt 1-2; Lk 1-2).

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