“Thou Art a Virtuous Woman”

Old Testament Lesson 20 (Ruth; 1 Samuel 1) INTRODUCTION The Book of Ruth and the first chapter of 1 Samuel tell of two courageous women—Ruth and Hannah—who lived during the time period of the Judges. Unlike apostate Israel, whose unrighteous ways are discussed in the Book of Judges, these two women lived lives of virtue [...]

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“My Soul Is Pained No More”

Book of Mormon Lesson 20 (Mosiah 25–28; Alma 36) THE CHURCH OF GOD IN ZARAHEMLA Alma Establishes the Church Mosiah assembled the people in Zarahemla and read the records of Limhi’s people and Alma’s people to them. They were thankful for God’s blessings to those who had recently returned, but sorrowful for their accounts of [...]

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