“He Will Dwell with . . . His People”

New Testament Lesson 46 (Revelation 5-6; 19-22) INTRODUCTION The Prophet Joseph Smith said: "When John had the curtains of heaven withdrawn, and by vision looked through the dark vista of future ages, and contemplated events that should transpire throughout every subsequent period of time, until the final winding up scene—while he gazed upon the glories [...]

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To Keep Them In the Right Way

Book of Mormon Lesson 47 (Moroni 1–6) MORONI CONTINUES TO WRITE Still Writing after Translating Ether When he ended his abridgment of Jaredite history, Moroni supposed that he finished writing. But since he had not perished yet, he recorded additional truths he hoped would be of value. Moroni was alone and hiding from the Lamanites [...]

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A Kingdom, Which Shall Never Be Destroyed

Old Testament Lesson 46 (Daniel 2) INTRODUCTION The story of Daniel has many parallels to the story of Joseph in Egypt. Both were able to interpret dreams with the aid of the Spirit, and both interpreted the dreams of their respective kings. As a result, both were elevated to high positions of trust and were [...]

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