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Lesson Date: 10/10/2022 | Lesson: 41 | Week: 41
Doctrine & Covenants Lesson 41 (D&C 111–114) October 4–10 A PROPHETIC WARNING ● Shortly after the completion of the [Kirtland Temple] . . . Joseph [Smith] had a vision, which lasted until he besought the Lord to take it from him; for it manifested to him things which were painful to contemplate. It was taken […] Read Full Lesson

Doctrine And Covenants Lesson Schedule

WeekDate PostedLessonLesson DateLesson Title
112/27/2021101/02/2022Doctrine and Covenants 1
201/04/2022201/10/2022“I Saw a Pillar of Light”
301/11/2022301/17/2022“The Hearts of the Children Shall Turn to Their Fathers”
401/18/2022401/24/2022“My Work Shall Go Forth”
501/25/2022501/31/2022“This Is the Spirit of Revelation”
602/01/2022602/07/2022“That You May Come Off Conqueror”
702/08/2022702/14/2022“Upon You My Fellow Servants”
802/15/2022802/21/2022“Stand As a Witness”
902/22/2022902/28/2022“The Worth of Souls Is Great”
1003/01/20221003/07/2022“The Rise of the Church of Christ”
1103/08/20221103/14/2022“Strengthen the Church”
1203/15/20221203/21/2022“All Things Must Be Done In Order”
1303/22/20221303/28/2022“Jesus Christ Will Gather His People”
1403/29/20221404/04/2022“I Am He Who Liveth, I Am He Who Was Slain”
1504/05/20221504/11/2022“You Are Called to Preach My Gospel”
1604/12/20221604/18/2022“If Ye Are Not One Ye Are Not Mine”
1704/19/20221704/25/2022“My Law to Govern My Church”
1804/26/20221805/02/2022“The Promises . . . Shall All Be Fulfilled”
1905/03/20221905/09/2022“Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts”
2005/10/20222005/16/2022“That Which Is of God Is Light”
2105/17/20222105/23/2022“A Faithful, a Just, and a Wise Steward”
2205/24/20222205/30/2022“Anxiously Engaged In a Good Cause”
2305/31/20222306/06/2022“All Flesh Is In Mine Hand”
2406/07/20222406/13/2022“That Which Cometh From Above Is Sacred”
2506/14/20222506/20/2022“The Lord Requireth the Heart and a Willing Mind”
2606/21/20222606/27/2022“Worth . . . The Riches of the Whole Earth”
2706/28/20222707/04/2022“No Weapon That Is Formed Against You Shall Prosper”
2807/05/20222807/11/2022“Great Shall Be Their Reward And . . . Glory”
2907/12/20222907/18/2022“I Will Lead You Along”
3007/19/20223007/25/2022“Where Much Is Given Much Is Required”
3107/26/20223108/01/2022“The Power of Godliness”
3208/02/20223208/08/2022“Stand Ye In Holy Places”
3308/09/20223308/15/2022“Establish . . . a House of God”
3408/16/20223408/22/2022“A Principle with Promise”
3508/23/20223508/29/2022“Receive of His Fullness”
3608/30/20223609/05/2022“For the Salvation of Zion”
3709/06/20223709/12/2022“Be Still and Know That I Am God”
3809/13/20223809/19/2022“After Much Tribulation. . . Cometh the Blessing”
3909/20/20223909/26/2022“To Have the Heavens Opened”
4009/27/20224010/03/2022“It Is Thy House, a Place of Holiness”
4110/04/20224110/10/2022“I Will Order All Things for Your Good”
4210/11/20224210/17/2022“His Sacrifice Shall Be More Sacred . . . Than His Increase”
4310/18/20224310/24/2022“O God, Where Art Thou?”
4410/25/20224410/31/2022“A House Unto My Name”
4511/01/20224511/07/2022“A Voice of Gladness for the Living and . . . Dead”
4611/08/20224611/14/2022“When We Obtain Any Blessing from God . . .”
4711/15/20224711/21/2022“Prepare Ye for the Coming of the Bridegroom”
4811/22/20224811/28/2022He ”Has Sealed His Mission . . . With His Own Blood”
4911/29/20224912/05/2022“The Vision of the Redemption of the Dead”
5012/06/20225012/12/2022“We Believe”
5112/13/20225112/19/2022The Family: A Proclamation to the World
5212/19/20225212/25/2022The Greatest Story Ever Told (Christmas Story)
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