The Angel Moroni Quotes from the Eleventh Chapter of Isaiah

Joseph Smith—History 1:40

40 In addition to these, he quoted the eleventh chapter of Isaiah, saying that it was about to be fulfilled. . . .

Elder LeGrand Richards said:

“There is [a] great principle that was made plain by the coming forth of the Book of Mormon that no one could understand until then; that is the fact that there were to be two gathering places for the Lord’s children. All through the scriptures, after the division of Israel into two great kingdoms, there were the kingdom of Judah and the kingdom of Israel; the kingdom of Israel was scattered among the nations, and the world does not understand that there should be two gathering places. They think that Israel will all be gathered back to Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Yet the scriptures in the Book of Mormon make so plain that when the Lord provided this land of America for the descendants of Joseph, the New Jerusalem should be built upon this land and that this should be the land of the gathering of many descendants of Joseph.

“There isn’t time to go into all the scriptures, but you remember when the angel Moroni appeared to the Prophet Joseph three times during the night and again the next morning, he quoted the eleventh chapter of Isaiah [see Joseph Smith—History 1:40] wherein Isaiah said the Lord would set His hand again the second time to gather scattered Israel, and that He would bring in the dispersed of Judah and would set up an ensign unto the nations [see Isaiah 11:11–12]. Thus there were to be two great gathering places.”

(In Conference Report, Apr. 1967, 22.)