A Broken Covenant Is “Void and of None Effect”

Doctrine and Covenants 54:3–6

3 And if your brethren desire to escape their enemies, let them repent of all their sins, and become truly humble before me and contrite.
4 And as the covenant which they made unto me has been broken, even so it has become void and of none effect.
5 And wo to him by whom this offense cometh, for it had been better for him that he had been drowned in the depth of the sea.
6 But blessed are they who have kept the covenant and observed the commandment, for they shall obtain mercy.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said:

“Only covenant makers and covenant keepers can claim the ultimate blessings of the celestial kingdom. Yes, when we talk about covenant keeping, we are talking about the heart and soul of our purpose in mortality.

“A covenant is a binding spiritual contract, a solemn promise to God our Father that we will live and think and act in a certain way—the way of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. In return, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost promise us the full splendor of eternal life. . . .

“. . . If we really want to succeed in our callings, if we want to have access to every help and every advantage and every blessing from the Father, if we want to have the door of heaven thrown open to us that we might receive the powers of godliness, we must keep our covenants!”

(“Keeping Covenants: A Message for Those Who Will Serve a Mission,” New Era, Jan. 2012, 2–4.)