“Write and Keep a Regular History”

Doctrine and Covenants 47:1, 3

1 Behold, it is expedient in me that my servant John should write and keep a regular history, and assist you, my servant Joseph, in transcribing all things which shall be given you, until he is called to further duties. . . .
3 And again, I say unto you that it shall be appointed unto him to keep the church record and history continually; for Oliver Cowdery I have appointed to another office.

Elder Marlin K. Jensen said:

“The primary purpose of Church history is to help Church members build faith in Jesus Christ and keep their sacred covenants. In fulfilling this purpose, we are guided by three main considerations:

“First, we seek to bear witness of and defend the foundational truths of the Restoration.

“Second, we desire to help Church members remember the great things God has done for His children.

“Third, we have a scriptural charge to help preserve the revealed order of the kingdom of God. This includes the revelations, documents, procedures, processes, and patterns that provide order and continuity for the exercising of priesthood keys, the proper functioning of priesthood quorums, the performance of ordinances, and so on—those things that are essential to salvation.”

(“There Shall Be a Record Kept among You,” Ensign, Dec. 2007, 28–29.)