Consecration Must Be Done Willingly, Not Grudgingly or by Force

Doctrine and Covenants 64:34 

34 Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind; and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days.

President Lorenzo Snow said:

“In things that pertain to celestial glory there can be no forced operations. We must do according as the Spirit of the Lord operates upon our understandings and feelings. We cannot be crowded into matters, however great might be the blessings attending such procedure. We cannot be forced into living a celestial law; we must do this ourselves, of our own free will. . . . Whatever we do in regard to the principles of the United Order, we must do it because we desire to do it. Some of us are practicing in the spirit of the United Order, doing more than the law of tithing requires.”

(“Discourse,” Deseret News, July 17, 1878, 370.)