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Lesson Date: 04/02/2023 | Lesson: 14 | Week: 14
Church History Lesson 14 (D&C 20; 72-73; 124; 58; 42) March 27-April 2 This week we are taking a week off from our weekly and daily Gospel Doctrine lesson posts due to our upcoming April General Conference. We will return next week to our normal schedule of posts. The Importance of Conference Some people treat […] Read Full Lesson

Church History Lesson Schedule

WeekDate PostedLessonLesson DateLesson Title
112/26/2022101/01/2023“Intro to Church History and the Doctrine and Covenants”
201/02/2023201/08/2023“Behold, I Am Jesus Christ”
301/09/2023301/15/2023“I Had Seen a Vision”
401/16/2023401/22/2023“Remember…the Book of Mormon”
501/23/2023501/29/2023“The Spirit of Revelation”
601/30/2023602/05/2023“In Your Mind and In Your Heart”
702/06/2023702/12/2023“First Principles and Ordinances”
802/13/2023802/19/2023“Restoration of the Priesthood”
902/20/2023902/26/2023“The Only True and Living Church”
1002/27/20231003/05/2023“This Is My Voice Unto All”
1103/06/20231103/12/2023“The Field Is White, Ready to Harvest”
1203/13/20231203/19/2023“The Gathering of My People”
1303/20/20231303/26/2023“They Shall Have My Word Through You”
1403/27/20231404/02/2023April General Conference Week
1504/03/20231504/09/2023“The Law of Consecration”
1604/10/20231604/16/2023“Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts”
1704/17/20231704/23/2023“Sacraments upon My Holy Day”
1804/24/20231804/30/2023“Laws of Tithing and the Fast”
1905/01/20231905/07/2023“Establish . . . a House of God”
2005/08/20232005/14/2023“The Plan of Salvation”
2105/15/20232105/21/2023“The Kingdoms of Glory”
2205/22/20232205/28/2023“The Great Day of the Lord”
2305/29/20232306/04/2023“The Word of Wisdom”
2406/05/20232406/11/2023“Seek Learning by Study and Faith”
2506/12/20232506/18/2023“Be Not Deceived, but . . . Steadfast”
2606/19/20232606/25/2023“Priesthood, the Power of Godliness”
2706/26/20232707/02/2023“Chastened & Tried . . . Even as Abraham”
2807/03/20232807/09/2023“Go Into All the World and Teach”
2907/10/20232907/16/2023“O God, Where Art Thou?”
3007/17/20233007/23/2023“Building the Kingdom . . . In Nauvoo”
3107/24/20233107/30/2023“The Prisoners Shall Go Free”
3207/31/20233208/06/2023“Sealed . . . for Time and . . . All Eternity”
3308/07/20233308/13/2023“To Seal the Testimony”
3408/14/20233408/20/2023“President Brigham Young Leads the Saints”
3508/21/20233508/27/2023“Faith in Every Footstep”
3608/28/20233609/03/2023“A Mission of Saving”
3709/04/20233709/10/2023“The Desert Shall Rejoice and Blossom”
3809/11/20233809/17/2023“We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet”
3909/18/20233909/24/2023“In Mine Own Way”
3909/18/20233909/24/2023“Hearts . . . to Their Fathers”
4110/02/20234110/08/2023“Every Member a Missionary”
4110/02/20234110/08/2023“Temple and Family History Work”
4210/09/20234210/15/2023“Continuing Revelation to Latter-day Prophets”
4310/16/20234310/22/2023“Take upon You My Whole Armor”
4410/23/20234410/29/2023Being Good Citizens
4510/30/20234511/05/2023The Family Is Ordained of God
4611/06/20234611/12/2023Zion—The Pure In Heart
5112/18/20235112/24/2023The Greatest Story Ever Told (Christmas)
5212/25/20235212/31/2023Joseph Smith, God’s Prophet
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